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Understanding Your Offer

Congratulations on receiving an offer from us! The information on this page will help you to understand what exactly your offer means and what you need to do now.  

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Types of Offers

The offer you have received from us will either be a conditional or an unconditional offer – both of which are good news!  

An unconditional offer means that: you already meet the entry requirements for your chosen course, so the place is yours if you want to accept it.

We recommend just checking your offer carefully, as there may still be a couple of things to arrange before starting your course.

A conditional offer means that: you have been offered a place, providing you achieve certain exam grades, UCAS tariff points or other requirements. This will, in most cases, mean waiting for results day in the summer to find out if you have been successful in securing your place.

Your conditional offer will become unconditional once you have met the entry requirements. When you have received your exam results, your offer will be updated automatically on UCAS Track.

Further Information

More information about conditional and unconditional offers can be found on the UCAS website. 

Firm & Insurance

Once you have received all your offers, you will need to accept one as your firm choice, and one as your insurance. 

Your firm choice should be the university you really want to go to (e.g., University Centre Reaseheath!) 

Your insurance choice is your backup option, and where you will go if you don’t meet the entry requirements of your firm choice. 

How to Accept Your Offer

You can accept the offer you received from us, either as your firm or insurance choice, on UCAS Hub 

Bear in mind that if you accept an unconditional offer, you will be agreeing to study at that university, and you won’t be able to choose an insurance choice as a backup. 

Contract & Policies

Before you make any decisions about your offers and which to accept, we highly recommend you read the following policies sent in your offer letter.

You can read our other policies and procedures below.

Changed your mind?

What to do if you have changed your mind:

If you accept a conditional offer, but then you change your mind within 14 days, you will need to contact UCAS.

If you change your mind more than 14 days after accepting an offer from us, please give us a ring on 01270 613 284 to discuss this.

Once you have spoken to us, you will then need to contact UCAS to let them know the changes you want to make.

If you change your mind once you have accepted an unconditional offer, you will have to decline your place and apply through Clearing for another course and university.

If you have changed your mind about attending university this year, you can contact us to discuss deferring your entry to the next academic year on UCRadmissions@reaseheath.ac.uk or you can log in to your UCAS account and withdraw your application.

Further Information

For more information about your offers and what you need to do to accept or change them, we recommend visiting the UCAS website


It can be nerve-wracking trying to make your decision based on just one Open Day, which is why we also hold Offer Holder Days.

Attend a sample practical session for the subject you’re interested in, meet your future course mates and lecturers, take a tour of the departments, facilities and accommodation, meet the Student Services team to find out about accommodation, transport and student life.