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Inclusive Learning Team

Our UCR Inclusive Learning Team offers advice and support to students with a range of learning support needs.

We care about every individual that steps through our doors and believe the right support at the right time drives success. Students can drop in with queries or to make an appointment for confidential advice and guidance.

Find out more information about the services available below.


Advice Service for Disabled Student's Allowance (DSA)

Our Knowledgeable advisers can advise you on the evidence needed for a Disabled Student’s Allowance (DSA) application and can guide you through the process.

We work with academic staff to implement support plans and reasonable adjustments to support your studies.

This can include help and support with hearing or visual aids, accessibility-based adaptations and exam arrangements. If you have had support or an EHCP at school or college and you may still need reasonable adjustments at University, please make an appointment to discuss this with the Inclusive Learning Team as soon as possible. Our specialist advisors can guide you through the Disabled Student’s Allowance process in confidence.

If you think you may need adjustments to your course or the environment at UCR for any reason, you should get in touch with the Inclusive Learning Team as soon as possible.

Dyslexia Diagnostic Assistance Bursary (DAB)

If you wish to apply for the Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA) to ensure you have the specialist support you need on your course, you may need a diagnostic assessment.

Dyslexia Diagnostic assessments cost £320 and can be completed at University Centre Reaseheath (UCR). Our Diagnostic Assistance Bursary can offer a contribution of £220 towards your dyslexia diagnostic assessment, where the assessment is arranged through the Inclusive Learning Team.

Read more about the process in our FAQs section.

Specialist Learning Service

UCR is a registered Non-Medical Help Provider. Within the Inclusive Learning Team there are Specialist Learning Mentors with specialist qualifications and knowledge of Dyslexia, Autism and Mental ill-health who can provide students with DSA funded 1:1 tutoring and mentoring.

Once students have their DSA entitlement, the Specialist Learning Mentors will arrange the 1:1 support sessions as part of this funded support package.

Click here to find out what you can expect from your sessions.

Study Skills Mentoring Service

We offer a bespoke Study Skills Mentoring Service to our students. UCR Study Mentors are specialists in skills development strategies and mentoring.

This service is aimed at students who are not eligible for DSA. This would include students who have had learning support in the past but do not have the official diagnosis evidence for DSA, international students, students with additional language needs (i.e. English is not your first language), and students who would benefit from some short-term skill building. Students have an initial registration appointment with a Study Mentor to discuss their support needs and agree a support plan.

Study Skills Mentor sessions can cover topics like:

  • effective reading strategies,
  • how to plan an assignment,
  • building academic vocabulary,
  • developing proofreading strategies,
  • developing time management systems,
  • plus many more academic skills.

Technology to help you learn

Many students receiving DSA support will have access to a wealth of assistive technologies, including software, hardware and aids. We can support students with the set up and maintenance of these systems, and support your lecturing staff to help you get the most from them.

The Inclusive Learning Team can also offer help and support to all students in exploring a range of free and downloadable software to help support your studies. 

More information is available for enrolled students on our Graduate Toolkit.

Care leavers and young carer support

At UCR, we recognise that young people entering Higher Education who have previously been looked after or in care face unique challenges. Our wellbeing team is committed to working with care leavers and are equipped with the specialist knowledge needed to support you through your studies.

The wellbeing team also work in collaboration with Cheshire Young Carers to ensure that you have the full support needed to progress and succeed in your study ambitions and other aspects of life.


AccessAble gives you the accessibility information you need to work out if a place is going to be accessible for you.

They’ve surveyed 10,000s of venues across the UK. Use AccessAble to find wheelchair friendly venues or check out disabled access and facilities.

Download the free App to use AccessAble on the go.

Visit our UCR Student Hub

After you have enrolled and set up your IT account, you will able to access to a range of information on the help and support available at UCR; including more information on the following:

  • Disability Advice Service
  • Specialist Learning Service
  • Study Skills Mentoring Service
  • Diagnostic Assessment Bursary Fund
  • the Inclusive Learning team
  • Wellbeing services
  • Technologies to accelerate your learning


We hope you find this list of FAQs helpful. If you have any further questions, please complete our enquiry form.

If you wish to apply for the Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA) to ensure you have the specialist support you need on your course, you may need a diagnostic assessment.

Dyslexia Diagnostic Assessments cost £320 and can be completed at University Centre Reaseheath (UCR). Our  Dyslexic Diagnostic Assistance Bursary can offer a contribution of £220 towards your diagnostic assessment if it is arranged through UCR.

The process of accessing the DAB is as follows:

  1. Meet with the UCR Inclusive Learning team to take an initial screening
  2. Your results will be reviewed and you will be advised if you are eligible for the DSA/DAB. You must be enrolled on a course at UCR to be eligible for the bursary
  3. Some applicants want to have their Dyslexia Diagnostic Assessment early to ensure their DSA specialist support is in place for September. To facilitate this, we have introduced two potential routes for accessing the bursary.
    Before enrolment: If you are eligible, you will pay £320 to secure an appointment for a Dyslexia Diagnostic Assessment. Once enrolled, UCR will refund the £220 bursary

    Once enrolled: If you are eligible, you will pay £100 to secure an appointment for a Dsylexia Diagnostic Assessment. UCR will pay the remaining £220 for the diagnostic assessment through our bursary.

  4. Your diagnostic report will be sent to you and must be sent with your DSA application. The Inclusive Learning team can support you with all stages of the application process.


To start the process of arranging a Dyslexia Diagnostic Assessment or for further information, please contact ucrinclusion@reaseheath.ac.uk.

Your wellbeing is really important to us at University Centre Reaseheath. The Student Health and Wellbeing Service is available to all students who require support for a range of issues whilst at University. We are committed to supporting you to enable you to reach your full potential. Whatever issues you are facing, we are here to help.

Wellbeing Advisors offer a confidential service and are available 9am-5pm Monday – Friday. You will have an assigned Wellbeing Advisor to your curriculum area that is accessible and able to listen to you. Contact wellbeingteam@reaseheath.ac.uk if you need more info. 

You can also receive support for one-to-one mentoring via the Disabled Student Allowance (DSA) with a diagnosed mental health condition. Find out how to apply below.

Our specialist Inclusive Learning Team provide confidential information, advice and guidance to students with a range of support needs such as dyslexia, Autism, diagnosed mental health conditions, physical or sensory difficulties. You can email the team at ucrinclusion@reaseheath.ac.uk or call us on 01270 613 288.

The UCR Inclusive Learning Team can help you apply for Disabled Student Allowance (DSA).

Anyone who is a UK resident and can provide evidence of a diagnosed condition such as Autism, specific learning difficulty, mental ill health or other disabilities, may be eligible for DSA support.

Evidence of your eligibility will be required, e.g. a letter from your doctor or diagnostic assessment from a specialist. If you are in the process of applying for Student Finance and already have your evidence of eligibility your DSA application can be done at the same time by checking the DSA application tick box on your Student Finance application.

As part of the DSA application students will be required to have a Needs Assessment. Needs assessments can be carried out remotely.

The Needs Assessment will make recommendations to Student Finance about the most appropriate types of support for your needs. Students can expect to receive a tailored package of support including specialist equipment and software, 1 to 1 Specialist Study Skills and/or Specialist Mentoring Support, and contributions towards printing costs.

For more information or assistance, please contact the UCR Inclusive Learning Team at ucrinclusion@reaseheath.ac.uk or phone us on 01270 613 288.

Click here to view our NMH rates.

Click here to view information for needs assessors.

For students who do not have their DSA in place when starting their studies or are ineligible for DSA support, the Inclusive Learning Team Study Skills Mentoring Service can help you.

This provides short term support for academic skills such as academic writing, paraphrasing and sentence structure. We can also provide mentoring support for skills such as time management, procrastination and presentation skills.

The duration and frequency of these sessions will be dependent on your individual needs. Some students may need one or two sessions to help them through a particular difficulty whilst others may remain on the programme for a longer period of time.

For more information, please contact the UCR Inclusive Learning Team at ucrinclusion@reaseheath.ac.uk or phone us on 01270 613 288.

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