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Charlotte Daniels

BSc in Zoo Management

MSc Primate Conservation (Oxford Brookes University)

Project Assistant Intern with the United Nations Environment Programme Great Ape Survival Partnership (UNEP-GRASP)

Zoo management Charlotte Daniels

Where will your degree take you?

“I’ve always been passionate about primates, particularly great apes, and feel incredibly lucky that I have the opportunity to work with them.

“Following my UCR degree I accepted two seasonal jobs at UK wildlife parks before volunteering at a chimpanzee rescue centre in Cameroon. This led to me working for the primate care team at Monkey World Ape Rescue Centre, Dorset, for four years as a chimpanzee caregiver.

“I did my Masters during this time and had my first piece of research published in the Journal of Zoo and Aquarium Research 

“I now have an exciting internship in Nairobi. UNEP-GRASP is a partnership of governments, research institutions, United Nations agencies, conservation organisations and the private sector, formed to ensure the long-term survival of wild gorillas, orangutans, chimpanzees and bonobos.

“Eventually I’d love to work for a global conservation organisation, helping to implement government policies, or I may enter academia. My internship and career experience to date will be invaluable, as will the three years I spent at UCR and particularly the support I received from my lecturers.”

Meet our Graduates: Charlotte Daniels

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